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Photos by Julie Soefer

Photos by Julie Soefer

Stacy Graubart grew up in Houston, graduated from Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee, then moved to Paris, France, to study design. She later studied furniture and antiquities at Sotheby’s London.

She began her design career working in the costume design industry for film and television, which culminated with an Emmy nod. Midway through her design career, Stacy turned her focus to her real love – interior design.

After working for Arlene Semel & Associates in Chicago, she formed SG Designs. For more than 15 years, Stacy has concentrated on high-end residential design and renovation. SG Designs specializes in livable homes, not masterpieces. Her work is very personal, and she spends time getting to know her clients, then creating to their needs and personalities.  

“I love taking a space that was once unusable for a client and recreating it so that it becomes functional,” she says.


“I find inspiration every day all around me, as there are interesting colors, textures and shapes everywhere. I also travel whenever I have free time for inspiration. This year, I spent time in London, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Africa. I discovered lots of one-of-a-kind objects at markets that I am very excited about.”

Stacy began coming to Round Top more than 20 years ago, first as a collector and now as a vendor and buyer for her clients.

“My favorite thing about the show is the thrill of the hunt for special items and being able to see dear friends, clients and vendors that I only see twice a year in the special small town. We love being at Market Hill both as a seller and as a buyer for our design clients. it is not only the best venue with food and places to relax your feet, but is a great community of people,” she says.

When asked what she’s excited to bring to the spring show, she describes, “We are bringing some smalls to the spring show for the first time. Typically, the items of furniture we carry are larger items, so I am excited we will have things for all levels of customers.”

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