The Renner Project

Photos courtesy of The Renner Project.

Photos courtesy of The Renner Project.

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Formerly known for restoring historic homes for more than 20 years, designer Kimberly Renner now owns and operates The Renner Project, a 5,000-SF store and interior design studio located along Austin’s emerging North Lamar Corridor. Here she brings together a creative mix of iconic 20th century pieces and high-style art, accessories and antiques.

“The Renner Project decided that 2019 was the year to expand our market to include a presence at Round Top,” Kimberly says. “Market Hill was our first choice of venue. Best vendors! Best parking! Best bathrooms! Best food!”

For the debut collection at Market Hill, Kimberly gives us an idea of the overall aesthetic.  

“We shop the best auctions in the country and dealers all across Europe. My latest interest is in French oak furniture from the 1950s and 60s. It is where the warmth of French country furniture meets the clean lined aesthetic of the mid-century.”

“Two of my favorite pieces look great together. A monumentally scaled 19th century oval harvest table and an oak cabinet by French mid-century masters, Guillerme et Chambron.”

“We specialize in vintage leather seating and will have multiple pieces in the load coming to Market Hill.”

“In contrast to the earthiness of vintage leather, we will also be featuring sleek mid-century pieces like these angular yellow chairs paired with a Harvey Probber cabinet and Lucite skyscraper lamp.”

Welcome The Renner Project to Market Hill, and come see what else they have in store for us.

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