The Plaid Veranda

Photos courtesy of Plaid Veranda

Photos courtesy of Plaid Veranda

Judy Jones, owner of The Plaid Veranda, travels around the world to find rare one-of-a-kind pieces to show at Round Top.

A resource to interior designers and private collectors, The Plaid Veranda offers an eclectic mix of fabulous antiques, especially large pieces. Judy has a wonderful eye for design and a penchant for pieces that make a big statement.

Judy is an ardent supporter of the Round Top Antiques Show and feels like she has found a second home and family.


“This is truly a labor of love! No one in their right mind would work this hard otherwise!” 

The Plaid Veranda is showing at Market Hill, the Compound, and at her barn by appointment. Follow her on Instagram at @judyjonesantiques.