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Antica Collection

Photo courtesy of Antica Collection

Photo courtesy of Antica Collection

For the Love of It 

A collector first, Lisa Strait Vanpoucke turned her love of antiques into a business. 

“Having been a collector myself for over 20 years, I’ve combined my passion and love for antiques with the current demand to incorporate them into modern design,” she says. 

Photo courtesy of Antica Collection

Photo courtesy of Antica Collection

“My frequent travels to Europe allow me to continuously hunt for special pieces, where I hand-select each and every object. I buy what I would place in my own home, so each antique or decorative item has special meaning to me personally. With that said, my purpose is to extend that passion into my clients’ home decor and encourage a life well lived.”

My purpose is to extend [my] passion into my clients’ home decor and encourage a life well lived. - Lisa Strait Vanpoucke

 “I find inspiration in history, faraway lands, culture, architecture, and great design from all periods. I’m always evolving and trying to be as cutting-edge as possible; but, the longer I’m in the business the more simplified I’m becoming. I will never tire of beautiful hand-crafted things.”

Photo by Ashlee Nobel, Lee Lee Arts + Design

Photo by Ashlee Nobel, Lee Lee Arts + Design

When it comes to her purchasing decisions, she says, “My creative process is simple: I buy what I love. If I wouldn’t put it in my own home, I usually skip over it. For me, quality is a must, along with great design.”

Lisa has been coming to Round Top since 2002 and says, “I like the fact that we are able to reach so many people in a short period of time and help them take home a little piece of history,” she says. 

 “As a vendor at Market Hill, I appreciate the attention to detail Paul and his family have, treating us like one of their own. They have what it takes to make everyone feel at home.” 

Learn more at AnticaCollection.com.

Architect’s Daughter

Architect’s Daughter

Interior designer Michelle Cheatham is the owner of Architect’s Daughter, a home furnishing and design company based in Napa Valley and San Francisco. Architect’s Daughter sources unique, authentic objects from around the world, selling primarily to the design trade. Michelle has a deep knowledge and passion for her products, and provenance is very important.

Architectural Anarchy

Architectural Anarchy

Architectural Anarchy returns to Market Hill with an interesting mix of mid-century modern finds, folk art, industrial and architectural pieces, and an assortment of old signage. Based in Chicago, Gosia Korsakowski and partner William Rawski operate a 30,000-SF showroom filled with a remarkable collection of antiques from the U.S. and Western Europe. 

Woodson Antiques

Photos courtesy of Woodson Antiques

Photos courtesy of Woodson Antiques

Woodson antiques has come a long way since it was founded on Woodson Drive in the early 80’s in the garage of Jane and Roy Park. Ten years ago, Blake Craghead and Rick Ingenthon acquired the business, carrying on the tradition at the 1861 farmhouse outside of Kansas City in Raymore, Missouri.

“We were both brought up by parents who loved antiques and who passed that love onto us. When the opportunity arose, it was a perfect fit,” Rick says.

“We have always loved traveling the world. We travel to Europe six times a year and are always seeking out the next big thing. I love the hunt. There is nothing better than finding that one-of-a-kind piece that will make a client’s house,” he says.

Image-1 (1).png

In addition to antiques, the design duo takes on numerous projects in the city and has been involved in the designer showcase for the Kansas City Symphony for many years. They also design their own pieces, including lamps from found objects and blue and white porcelain.

“Our business is always changing. We specialize in European furniture from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, but every year is different. We never know what treasure we will find on our next trip.”

As for what they are bringing to Market Hill, Rick says, “There are lots of things. We have an incredible table made from a pulpit with carved faces on every spine. We also have a pair of angels which form the railings to a stairway in a private chapel from the early 1700s.”  

“Market Hill is an amazing venue. You don’t have to contend with the weather, and you can get a great meal and a glass of wine,” he says.

“You have all of the top-notch dealers from around the country. It’s great to be surrounded by people who have the same passion. It’s not the easiest job, so you’ve got to love it.”

Discover Woodson Antiques at Market Hill.

The Plaid Veranda

Photos courtesy of Plaid Veranda

Photos courtesy of Plaid Veranda

Judy Jones, owner of The Plaid Veranda, travels around the world to find rare one-of-a-kind pieces to show at Round Top.

A resource to interior designers and private collectors, The Plaid Veranda offers an eclectic mix of fabulous antiques, especially large pieces. Judy has a wonderful eye for design and a penchant for pieces that make a big statement.

Judy is an ardent supporter of the Round Top Antiques Show and feels like she has found a second home and family.


“This is truly a labor of love! No one in their right mind would work this hard otherwise!” 

The Plaid Veranda is showing at Market Hill, the Compound, and at her barn by appointment. Follow her on Instagram at @judyjonesantiques.  

The Select Pick

Photos by Julie Soefer

Photos by Julie Soefer

Stacy Graubart grew up in Houston, graduated from Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee, then moved to Paris, France, to study design. She later studied furniture and antiquities at Sotheby’s London.

She began her design career working in the costume design industry for film and television, which culminated with an Emmy nod. Midway through her design career, Stacy turned her focus to her real love – interior design.

After working for Arlene Semel & Associates in Chicago, she formed SG Designs. For more than 15 years, Stacy has concentrated on high-end residential design and renovation. SG Designs specializes in livable homes, not masterpieces. Her work is very personal, and she spends time getting to know her clients, then creating to their needs and personalities.  

“I love taking a space that was once unusable for a client and recreating it so that it becomes functional,” she says.


“I find inspiration every day all around me, as there are interesting colors, textures and shapes everywhere. I also travel whenever I have free time for inspiration. This year, I spent time in London, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Africa. I discovered lots of one-of-a-kind objects at markets that I am very excited about.”

Stacy began coming to Round Top more than 20 years ago, first as a collector and now as a vendor and buyer for her clients.

“My favorite thing about the show is the thrill of the hunt for special items and being able to see dear friends, clients and vendors that I only see twice a year in the special small town. We love being at Market Hill both as a seller and as a buyer for our design clients. it is not only the best venue with food and places to relax your feet, but is a great community of people,” she says.

When asked what she’s excited to bring to the spring show, she describes, “We are bringing some smalls to the spring show for the first time. Typically, the items of furniture we carry are larger items, so I am excited we will have things for all levels of customers.”

To see more of Stacy’s work, visit sgdesignshouston.com.

The Renner Project

Photos courtesy of The Renner Project.

Photos courtesy of The Renner Project.

DSC_6091 - Annie Whitehead.jpg

Formerly known for restoring historic homes for more than 20 years, designer Kimberly Renner now owns and operates The Renner Project, a 5,000-SF store and interior design studio located along Austin’s emerging North Lamar Corridor. Here she brings together a creative mix of iconic 20th century pieces and high-style art, accessories and antiques.

“The Renner Project decided that 2019 was the year to expand our market to include a presence at Round Top,” Kimberly says. “Market Hill was our first choice of venue. Best vendors! Best parking! Best bathrooms! Best food!”

For the debut collection at Market Hill, Kimberly gives us an idea of the overall aesthetic.  

“We shop the best auctions in the country and dealers all across Europe. My latest interest is in French oak furniture from the 1950s and 60s. It is where the warmth of French country furniture meets the clean lined aesthetic of the mid-century.”

“Two of my favorite pieces look great together. A monumentally scaled 19th century oval harvest table and an oak cabinet by French mid-century masters, Guillerme et Chambron.”

“We specialize in vintage leather seating and will have multiple pieces in the load coming to Market Hill.”

“In contrast to the earthiness of vintage leather, we will also be featuring sleek mid-century pieces like these angular yellow chairs paired with a Harvey Probber cabinet and Lucite skyscraper lamp.”

Welcome The Renner Project to Market Hill, and come see what else they have in store for us.

DSC_6086 - Annie Whitehead.jpg

Stephanie Wheeler

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Wheeler

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Wheeler

On a January day, we visited Stephanie Wheeler at her Atlanta-based studio. Under a canopy of hundred-year-old oak trees, her charming studio is tucked away in a secluded neighborhood, just on the outskirts of the busy city.  

3428 (1).jpg

“I first saw this 1930s bungalow in 2002. The house with its keebler front door and dilapidated building in the back garden – I knew the potential immediately. It was the first and only house I saw that day with the real estate agent and the rest is history,” Stephanie says.

“Where I paint and create is so important to me. Having a peaceful surrounding, almost a sanctuary, is what I need to have to be able to do what I do. Add the combination of light and nature and it’s a great recipe.”

SW-2759 (1).jpg

It is evident immediately that Stephanie is in the midst of preparing for the spring show at Market Hill. Through the arched garden gate, one can see many freshly gessoed canvases drying in the sunlight. Inside the studio, fresh layers of oils cover her canvases in all stages of completion. Her passion for color is another immediate takeaway as you glance around her studio.  

“Color is everything. It sets the overall mood for my pieces,” she says.

And, as for what drives her and her creative inspiration, she says, “Although nature and travel play a huge role in where I find my pleasure, as I get older I am less focused on inspiration and more interested in keeping my inner child alive. It’s that place that allows me the inspiration to create.”

Recent travels in Thailand and Vietnam bring a direct vibrancy to her color palette at this season’s spring show. Her canvas collection ranges from abstracts to landscapes along with works on paper and fascinating layered collage pieces.

It’s a beautiful and powerful experience to be in the presence of her works of art. Come enjoy what she has created for us at Market Hill.

Shabby Slips

FEY413_KK4_Provence_Table_Black-1 - Shabby Slips (1).jpg

Renea Abbott’s life has been somewhat of a treasure hunt. At a young age, she took off to design school in New York City. She would frequent the consignment shops on the Upper East Side during the week and comb the 26th Street Flea Market on Saturday mornings. After acquiring her degree and amassing quite a collection, she moved back down South to open Shabby Slips, a custom slipcover shop that has grown to become one of Houston’s premier interior design businesses. She now has a second shop in River Oaks.

“I started making Round Top part of my business plan every year because my favorite place to be is a flea market,” Renea says.  

“Round Top is one of the best places in the world to go on that elusive treasure hunt.”

GMA630EC9-Etuhome-Balon-Cloche-Clear-1 - Shabby Slips (1).jpg

“Market Hill brought a more permanent presence to Round Top making it easier for dealers and buyers to shop in good lighting, climate-controlled environment (air-conditioning is much needed!), and a great restaurant to meet a friend for a glass of wine after the shows. It’s a very comfortable shopping experience, and it is a very eclectic mix of dealers and merchandise – old, new, vintage, antiques and period pieces,” she says.

To the spring show, she will be bringing “fun lighting, a few antique fixtures, some interesting casual dining tables and chairs.” Anything else, she says, “will be a surprise! I aimed to make this show more buyer-friendly. Everyone can afford something that I hope they leave with. Happy shopping and come see us for Sip and See each afternoon at 5 o’clock!”

Provenance Antiques

17th century Portuguese Solomonic columns, 18th century wine presses from Provence now as coffee tables, an 18th century Italian stump work embroidery altar facade, a 19th century marble top garden table from Provence and more. Photos courtesy of Provenance Antiques.

17th century Portuguese Solomonic columns, 18th century wine presses from Provence now as coffee tables, an 18th century Italian stump work embroidery altar facade, a 19th century marble top garden table from Provence and more. Photos courtesy of Provenance Antiques.

Provenance Antiques is Yarek, Artur, and Melissa. Provenance celebrates the exceptional, and their mission is just that – procuring the most exceptional and finest pieces possible and sharing them at Market Hill.

Exquisite chest of drawers from Spain, 19th Century.

Exquisite chest of drawers from Spain, 19th Century.

Provenance Antiques is based just outside of Nice, France, where they have a warehouse facility, and in Atlanta, Georgia, where they have a 10,000-SF store. Twice a year, they call Market Hill their home away from home.

“What the Market Hill experience means to us is family,” Yarek says.

Provenance has been exhibiting in Round Top for well over 10 years now, and Yarek says, “We look forward to every show. Our business is always developing. We are travelling to Europe more and more frequently in search of the exceptional, to discover new resources in order to expand our market.”

“For those who are passionate about fine antiques, inspiration abounds everywhere,” he says. “No matter which day it is, when we receive a container it is like Christmas. There are fabulous pieces everywhere.

A very charming and primitive narrow cupboard from the south of France. Soundly constructed from walnut and chestnut with a shaped door panel, terrific hardware, sculpted apron and interior shelving, an outstanding and stunning 17th century Venetian wall-suspended console. The magnificent piece is constructed from polychrome wood with very fine carvings of putti heads.

A very charming and primitive narrow cupboard from the south of France. Soundly constructed from walnut and chestnut with a shaped door panel, terrific hardware, sculpted apron and interior shelving, an outstanding and stunning 17th century Venetian wall-suspended console. The magnificent piece is constructed from polychrome wood with very fine carvings of putti heads.

An exceptional and grand scale 18th century northern Italian trestle table/dining table. Superbly constructed from stunning walnut and classical Lyre legs and wonderfully sculpted stretchers. Sensational patina and graining. A truly exquisite table.

An exceptional and grand scale 18th century northern Italian trestle table/dining table. Superbly constructed from stunning walnut and classical Lyre legs and wonderfully sculpted stretchers. Sensational patina and graining. A truly exquisite table.

Nomadic Trading Company

Photos courtesy of Nomadic Trading

Photos courtesy of Nomadic Trading

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Nomadic Trading Company has been in business since 1995, selling handpicked home décor items from all over the world.

“We are importers of vintage furniture, accessories and hand-woven rugs,” says Demir Williford.

Over the years, Nomadic Trading Company has grown the business to include its own line of products.

“We have become more refined in our search of vintage furniture, specifically from France. We are also producing our own line of handmade rugs and pillows.”

5EA5AA6D-6E46-47B1-907F-A919CABAD43F - Demir Williford.jpeg

On the recommendation of a colleague, they started coming to Round Top in 2009.

“Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? The discovery of something new,” Demir says. “Our recent container from France is full of amazing vintage furniture, and definitely one of the most exciting things we are bring to the spring show.”

Their set-up at Market Hill is quite impressive with large rugs covering the walls and stacked in piles upon piles throughout their vendor space.

“Market Hill has created a wonderful canvas for us to be as creative as we can be.”

About the Market Hill experience, he says, “We love seeing customers coming back and, of course, we love meeting new ones.”

“That’s what keeps us inspired. We stay inspired by having passion for what we do.”

99FF050D-1C7E-48D0-8E53-E9FAE3E97CE6 - Demir Williford.jpeg

This kilim was hand woven in a village in western Turkey. It utilizes vintage reclaimed hemp and wool.

Beautiful Spanish oak table from late 19th century.

This rug is our own design hand-woven in Konya, Turkey.

Fabulous collection of benches upholstered with vintage fabrics.

Fantastic collection of antique marble sinks from old bath houses in Turkey.

86327EB0-CC96-4B0D-83A0-1D13AC84320B - Demir Williford.jpeg
C54BCACB-0E96-4DA0-962B-BA3CA7F5B6D7 - Demir Williford.jpeg

Back Row Home

Photos courtesy of Back Row Home

Photos courtesy of Back Row Home

Back Row Home is located in Houston, just outside the loop off of the Katy Freeway. Two well-known vendors, 2Lucy’s Antiques and Leighton Hall Antiques, own the beautiful 16,000-SF showroom on the “Back Row” of Memorial Design Center.

“Our motto is “We only buy what we love,” Kelly says.

Back Row Home specializes in antique American and European furniture, architectural and decorative pieces. It is also now a stocking dealer for Lee Industries, Bella Notte and Loloi as well as many others.

IMG_3137 (2).jpg

Owners Tracey Shingledecker and Kelly O’Donnell are always on the hunt for pieces to add to their collection of 18th and 19th century antiques.

“We love to travel and meet people from our antique buying trips. We’ve made so many friends and it’s nice to have those relationships” Tracey says. “We attend antique fairs in England, France, Belgium and Spain as well as the Atlanta, Dallas, New York and High Point markets.”

Their travels will soon bring them back to Round Top for the spring show where they make their home at Market Hill.

IMG_3139 (1).jpg

“We love Market Hill because it provides such a wide range of merchandise. And the restaurant is a bonus,” she says. “We love that the show goes on for three weeks, and it gives everyone the opportunity to get out there and do a little treasure hunting of their own.”

“We can’t share just yet what we are most excited to bring to Market Hill, because our inventory is always changing. We really won’t know until we begin loading the truck.”

So, you’ll just have to come see what’s in store at Back Row Home.

IMG_3131 (1).jpg
IMG_3129 (1).jpg
IMG_3132 (1).jpg

The Elephant Walk

Photography by Natalie Lacy Lange

Photography by Natalie Lacy Lange

The man behind The Elephant Walk, Ender Tasci, started his business 30 years ago in Orlando, Florida, and has been coming to Round Top for the last 25 years. Three years ago, he moved his business to Market Hill and he now buys in Europe and Florida for the spring and fall shows.

“I am very eclectic and love color and texture,” Ender says. “My favorite style is a great mix of old and new working harmoniously together, because I believe things can be wonderful whether they are a day old or 400 years old; age doesn't define quality.”


Working for so many years in the industry, Ender continues to find inspiration all around him.

“My inspiration comes from my trips and literature, sometimes it’s the color of a pillow or the leg of a table; sometimes simple rusty feed or oil barrels can be the inspiration for the next custom creation,” he says. “l am extremely happy about the changing trends toward modern and simple beauty with textures and color but yet very fluid simple shapes.”

 “We are in an industry selling beauty and dictating the trends of the future. We deal with very creative and affluent people who take what we saw in a piece and create their own magic. It's all about the passion we have for the industry that defines how successful we are. It’s all about the relatability. People need to be able to see your point of view, and it needs to be current,” he says.

Ender is excited about the pieces he’s showing at Market Hill this spring, especially some new modern lighting and mid-century modern upholstered pieces, but he says he’s most looking forward to seeing familiar faces.

“My favorite parts [of the show] are reuniting with old clients who have turned into lifelong friends, and meeting new ones. It’s those interactions that keep us motivated to do better and work harder to bring in the best products we possibly can,” he says.

“Market Hill has some of the industry’s best dealers under one roof. That keeps everyone inspired and motivated to do better which easily reflects on the best sales in the marketplace. With the infrastructure Market Hill provides, we are able to display our products at their best.”

Come see the best of the best at The Elephant Walk at Market Hill.

Gallery Auctions

Photos courtesy of Gallery Auctions

Photos courtesy of Gallery Auctions

Expressionist Art by Carl Moore with Lucite Lamp, Coral on a European Bamboo Cabinet.jpg

For some, antiques fill a room. For others, antiques fill a life. Vikki Vines is one of the latter. Vikki is the top female auctioneer in Texas and, arguably, one of the best in the nation. Vikki started Gallery Auctions more than 30 years ago and has created a worldwide buying experience under one roof.

A trip to Gallery Auctions holds the same excitement and passion that Vikki feels for the industry. Vikki has traveled to England, Belgium, Argentina, Spain and France as well as all corners of the U.S. Vikki knows a find when she sees one, and she has a penchant for large items. So much so that she recently moved Gallery Auctions into a bigger space where she has created the Southwest’s largest trade source. Vikki’s son, Jon Goodling, who has grown up in the world of antiques, now works full time at Gallery Auctions specializing in mid-century modern designs.

Leather Hippo Footstool.jpg

Along with auctions held every Monday, Gallery Auctions continues to grow and to offer new and exciting buying opportunities, including Market Hill.

“We are so excited to bring a fabulous mix of items to Market Hill,” Vikki says.

Vintage European Leather books in a White Washed open bookcase.JPG

“Market Hill is such a welcoming environment with its wide breezy walkways, air conditioned shopping and dining,and the diverse dealers who are dedicated and committed to their business and bringing fabulous finds from all over the world.”

“Our collection for this show will include exciting mid-century modern furniture, an exceptional selection of French furniture, English leather sofas and chairs, and more. We are delighted that Kay Gilbreath Design will join us again with her jewelry and couture clothing. We have something for everyone. Whether it’s our customers or another dealer scoring a treasure, we’re always excited by the thrill of the find.”

Learn more at www.galleryauctions.com.

GPlan Fresco Coffee Table as seen on Mad Men.jpg

Hastening Design Studio

Photos courtesy of Hastening Design Studio

Photos courtesy of Hastening Design Studio

An antique dealer for more than 35 years, Louis Shields is also an interior designer, furniture maker and contemporary painter with his own gallery, Hastening Design Studio, in Middleburg, Virginia. His paintings complement his carefully curated antiques and original designs.

When it comes to picking pieces for Market Hill, Louis says, “I am always drawn to furniture that has a historical architectural inspiration, balanced structural elements, and, if it is wood, then the surface, color and patina are extremely important.”  

Louis shares with us a very special piece he’s bringing to the spring show.  


“A rare baroque 17th century Swiss “cabinet of curiosity.” These multi-drawer cabinets were fashionable with eccentric European collectors in the 17th century. There are paneled ends with hand wrought carrying handles, two paneled doors decorated in the 18th century with naïve painted figures hunting beside the lake with a castle in the Alps in the background concealing 23 molded drawers and a small pair of cupboard doors. Wonderful patinated surface retaining an extraordinary pale blue color with the original steel handles, locks and key. Mounted on a similarly decorated stand with turned legs and shaped stretchers. Made in Switzerland circa 1650. It is 54” high, 21” deep and 44” wide.”  

This is just one of the must-see piece at Hastening Design Studio at Market Hill.


Don & Marta Orwig Antiques

Photos courtesy of Don & Marta Orwig

Photos courtesy of Don & Marta Orwig

When people ask what's unique about Market Hill and its vendors, advertising signs and country store antiques and Don & Marta Orwig come to mind.

Photos courtesy of Don & Marta Orwig

Photos courtesy of Don & Marta Orwig

Located on the center cross-aisle near the food, Don and Marta always bring a huge amount of amazing Americana to Market Hill. "I usually have around 2,000  signs and country store antiques in inventory most of the time. Everything from gas and oil, grocery, farm and factory to great figural trade signs. I deal in about everything that advertises anything," says Don.  


New for the spring show will be a  collection of lighted arrows, bar signs and several flashing motel signs. "I've been in business since 1971,” stated Don. “Everybody has their own thing. Some people like toys or fancy crystal chandeliers, I like this old store stuff.”


Among the Americana he has amassed is a huge eight-foot-long hollow anvil-shaped trade sign that in its original life was on top of a three-story brick ironworks factory in Rhode Island.  Originally there was a 12-foot-tall mechanical man with a hammer in his hand that would strike the anvil. The man blew down in a hurricane in the 1950s but the anvil survived. Somebody needs to add a 12-foot oval glass top and a set of bar stools to this. You could name your game room ‘The Anvil Bar and Grill.’  You would be the only one with one like it,” Don adds.

As for how Don finds all this stuff, he says most are already in collections that resurface on the market. “We only keep these things for a while,” he states. As for his own collection, Don laments that his inventory is his collection. "I want to own a really large amount of things for a really short period of time. My wife Marta says I have a warped sense of humor, but I have this hope that if I'm fortunate enough to go to heaven when I die, I would love to see everything I've ever owned lying along the road as I pass up to the pearly gates and visit them just one more time."


In addition to Don and Marta and all those antiques, their friends Polly Hitt  from Tyler, Texas, and Gilda Metzler from San Antonio, Texas, will be set up at Market Hill. Gilda who owns Gilded Gardens will have her collection of garden furniture, garden urns and accessories and her amazing plants. Polly, a renowned jewelry designer, will have her "Neck Collections" line of repurposed big, bold and beautiful necklaces and wearable art.


Susan Horne Antiques

Photos courtesy of Susan Horne

Photos courtesy of Susan Horne

Susan Horne Antiques was born out of friendship and a love for antiques.

Raised in southern Georgia, her love for antiques and southern hospitality was inherited from her parents. Her father, from Alabama, was an air traffic controller with the Air Force. Her mother, from Manchester, England, loved antiques and anything to do with England, like entertaining and enjoying a cup of hot tea.

Susan moved to Dallas and then to Houston with Omni Offices. She met her husband, Houston native Chip Horne, 28 years ago. They have two children, Meghan and Trey.  

“My girlfriends started bringing me to Round Top after I married Chip, and I fell in love with Round Top and shopping the fields.”

  Susan says her business has been successful because of the help and support of all her family and friends.  

Her son, Trey, is a senior at LSU in Baton Rouge, La., and is Susan's biggest encourager and cheerleader. He calls in at least once a week to ask about the business and how it’s going. When he is home on school breaks, she puts him to work at the Houston warehouse. On longer breaks, you can find him in Round Top working for Susan or sharing dinner with Armando at Manditos.

Her daughter Meghan joined her a few years ago and has been a wonderful addition to the business. “Meghan has given a youthful eye to our purchases. She knows what the younger generation wants and that is very helpful to me. I see the younger generation out here shopping and having a great time,” Susan says. Susan shares that she hopes that continues because they are the next generation to make the Round Top Show strong and successful.

Photo by Natalie Lacy Lange

Photo by Natalie Lacy Lange

“Meghan and I continue to travel to England several times a year to assemble an exceptional collection of antiques and one-of-a kind treasures.” They drive the countryside in hunt for these treasures. She says the days are long, and it’s hard work, but they have fun along the way. “I love England and the people we meet make us feel like family,” Susan says.

Her next container will be arriving for the Spring Show at Market Hill. Susan's gorgeous showroom at Market Hill is where she brings new life to these treasures. She mixes them with unique new pieces and creates a fresh, new modern look for which she is known.

"I really enjoy being at Market Hill. Paul Michael has created a wonderful venue with state-of-the-art amenities.” But more than the amenities, she talks more about the people.

FhebQ9Dsup17xbnOvIZDPWjL65yG7PKqxYvixV2WIzseJxFPc.jpgmarket hill spring mag.jpg

“We have a top line of dealers and that draws a fabulous group of buyers. The relationships we build with all these people and the business we generate at Market Hill makes it worthwhile. The friendship and support means a great deal to me.”

One of the pieces they’ve curated for the spring show is an 18th century ship’s figurehead from Sicily. “It was made as a good luck charm for the ship. She is beautiful. You have to see her in person!”

When Susan is not in Round Top or England, you can find her at her Houston warehouse located at 9016 Ruland, #A3. Susan says come by for a cup of tea, "I always have the kettle on."

GA4A0205 copy.jpg

Susan’s Favorite Finds

Arriving for Spring Show at Market Hill

18th century Carved Figure

Ship’s figurehead from Sicily, circa 1780. From the Bourbon empire when the French occupied Sicily. Stands approximately four feet high. Made as a good luck charm for the ship. She is very beautiful, curvaceous and wearing armor, ready for battle.

Transferware Copeland Spode Green and White  

40 pieces of pottery service from England, circa 1860.

Willy Guhl

A fabulous pair of square planters by the Swiss designer Willy Guhl. A grand selection of other Willy Guhl, including the diabolo, elephant ear and handkerchief planters.

Antique Butter Slabs

Antique English ironstone pure dairy display slab. These were used by grocers for selling bulk butter and margarine. Highly sought after rare collectibles in original condition – a must have!

Chesterfield Sofa

English chesterfield tufted sofa with elegant lines. A classic piece. Extra large and comfy.

Pottery Footbath

Florentine opaque blue and white pottery footbath, circa 1850, a great decorative piece.


A nice collection, including a rare red lacquer bamboo étagère from France, circa 1870.

Ebonized Furniture

Ebonized desk with beautiful brass hardware. Ebonizing is process for darkening wood, giving it the appearance of ebony.

100-year-old Bottles

Rare wine bottles from Italy, circa 1800, a great backdrop to any bar.

Draper’s Table

From France, circa 1885. Used by seamstresses in the 19th century.

Leftovers Antiques

Photos courtesy of Leftovers Antiques

Photos courtesy of Leftovers Antiques


It’s getting to be that time of year, when the tents start going up, vendors are hustling to set up, and the fields begin to fill with treasures as far as the eye can see.

Round Top is upon us once again. Whether you have lived in Texas all your life, are new to the area, or are just here for the 30 miles of antiques, and haven’t been to Leftovers Antiques, two miles north of Brenham on Highway 290, you are missing out on 17,000-SF of unexpected finds and memorable experiences.


Ed Fulkerson and Michael Breddin have been in the business for over 25 years. It is their passion for all things old and interesting that keeps people coming back to Leftovers. Ed and Michael make it seem effortless. It’s not just the uniqueness and grandeur of the antiques they carry, but also the way they keep bringing those elements of surprise and magic to all of their patrons. They mix hard with soft, old with modern, and simple with exotic to create interest, and it works!


When asked what they were most excited about for Market Hill, “Other than the food?” Ed said. “One of the pieces that we are really excited about is something totally different than our realm of the norm. It’s a 1950s original-finish foosball table. It’s absolutely stunning!”

“It’s funny, because it is so far from what we normally look for when we are shopping,” he said, “but it caught my eye, and I just stood there looking at it. I thought, ‘I kinda like that.’ I looked over at Michael and he was looking wide-eyed at it, too, and I realized that not only did we both like this table, we loved it!”

“This foosball table is amazing!” Michael added. “It has the original finish in fabulous condition, and corner metal ashtrays. The players are the original metal and have beautiful detail! It definitely takes you back in time.”


Another piece they found on their adventures is a Belgian carousel horse. “This is a 19th century original-paint, hand-carved carousel horse, and it is exquisite! It has hand-carved belts and saddle. The detail on this horse is amazing. It was an exciting find!,” Michael told us.

Along with the many gorgeous pieces of antiques that came from overseas – tables, stools, chairs, hutches, chests of drawers, lots of shiny copper – they also brought back a detailed set of youth general store fixtures. The small wooden store counter and back cupboard/shelving are 19th century, also from Belgium, with original paint and finish.

“It’s fun to imagine the children who got to play and pretend with this. It’s a precious set,” Ed said.

Make sure to stop in and meet Ed and Michael, and see their incredible collection at Market Hill or at Leftovers Antiques in Brenham.