The Plaid Veranda


Hello, folks, and welcome to the world-famous Round Top Antique Show and the wonderful Market Hill! 
    I am a newcomer here, but my owner, Judy Jones, is a 20-year veteran. My life began in Scotland in 1880 when Scottish craftsmen built my cabinet. Then I was sent to London where I was outfitted by F. E. and G. Maund with hand-painted tole bins for bulk tea. After many many years in a Victorian grocery shoppe, my new home became The Plaid Veranda at Market Hill. I like my new home, and I have some very interesting roommates! Judy has a penchant for big boys like me! There is a beautiful old grand oak library from the northern part of France with two doors. She flirts with the 32-foot haberdashery from Garnet, Kansas. It dates from about 1900 and has three bays with recessing glass doors, iron pull out racks, a dressing room and a built-in three-way mirror. 
    Please come visit us at The Plaid Veranda at Market Hill. Judy is an ardent supporter of the Round Top Antique Show and feels like she has gained a second home and family. She is genuinely thrilled with you like us. As she says, “This is truly a labor of love! No one in their right mind would work this hard otherwise!” 
    Where will my journey take me next?