Pittet Architecturals 


Swiss-born owner Raymond Pittet opened his first Dallas showroom in 1990. Already a recognized expert in antique carpets, tapestries and tribal weavings, he transitioned his interests into antique furnishings and architectural elements. For over 30 years, Raymond has traveled the world making connections in the antiques making Pittet Architecturals one of the leading importers of European architectural elements in the U.S. Their 40,000-SF showroom on Cole Street in Dallas is stocked monthly with finds from France, Spain, Italy and Morocco. 
    Raymond’s son Robinson joined the family business and creative team adding renewed passion and inspiration. 
    “Why do we find passion and inspiration in doors, fountains, mantels, and flooring? It’s actually very primal,” Robinson says. “When you think about it, the items we feature at Pittet Architecturals are both symbolic and actual representations of how humankind conquers the elements. We cover the earth with floors, keep wind at bay by doors, control fire in our fireplaces, and have water do our bidding in troughs, sinks and fountains. These ancient elements have deep symbolic and historic importance [and] lend themselves to cultural expression and artistic interpretation. We look for functionality, symbolical meaning and aesthetic appeal in our selections.”


Market Hill also protects vendors’ precious pieces from the elements, as Robinson describes. “Pittet Architecturals has never dealt with an abundance of ‘smalls,’ so it was not practical for us to exhibit at temporary venues,” he says. “Who would ever dream of installing nine-foot-tall limestone fireplaces or fountains in a tent? Our oversize stone and wood inventory is not typical to what one generally see at rural fairs. That all changed when Paul Michael showed us his new Market Hill concept. While the sheer size of the interior/exterior space is impressive enough, Market Hill features showrooms beautifully designed for ease of use and access. The secure, climate-controlled showrooms allow vendors to bring a different level of inventory that doesn't need to withstand the elements. Sliding doors, covered overhangs and drive-up access make moving stock of any size easy. Plentiful parking, airy and bright show spaces, excellent dining and amenities bring a new level of ease for shoppers, making it hard for them to leave. Plus, we'd rather experience the excitement of a Round Top rainstorm by staying dry, thank you.”
    “We understand that huge elements made of stone, and flooring are not ‘cash and carry’ items for the average buyer. However, Round Top clientele are sophisticated enough to recognize how singularly special and unique our inventory is. We hope that whenever a client thinks of specialty fireplaces, flooring or fountains, they think of Pittet Architecturals,” Robinson says.  
“This spring, with our improved stock displays, we will be catering to our future clients with a renewed energy. That being said, for those in the present, we are excited to be bring a curated selection of indoor/outdoor furnishings and accessories. Look for an expanded selection of fireplace accessories, both big and small, practical and fanciful.” 
    They will also be bringing a selection of reclaimed antique and vintage tiles. “Hand-selected ceramic and cement encaustic tiles that feature truly unique colors and designs,” Robinson says. “Available only in small batches for that special project.”

You heard it here first. Meet the Pittets at Market Hill, and, in the meantime, visit pittetarch.com to learn more.