Provenance Antiques 


Since the early 1990s, Provenance has been a prominent member of the Atlanta antiques scene, pioneering a brand of high-end furniture with European panache. 
Owners Artur Tybuszewski and Yarek Filipczak, who have been friends since childhood in Europe, took over the business in 2008, hand-selecting and directly importing each piece from estates, markets and shops in France, Spain and Italy. Artur remained in the South of France to secure purchases and prepare their shipment to the U.S. 
Melissa Estock joined the team, making the duo a trio and bringing to the table years of experience in luxury European goods and in owning and operating an antiques store in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Melissa and Yarek make trips to Europe every six weeks or so, primarily to the Mediterranean – the South of France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. 
“We are very fortunate to make our living by doing something that we truly love. The hunt to find a precious piece is exhilarating. And finding that piece a new home where it will be loved is equally as rewarding. Inspiration and passion is in our nature,” Melissa says.
 “Our creative process is always evolving from classical and traditional to the latest trends – it’s all in the mix.” 
    Making the trip to Round Top for a decade now, there is still great excitement. 
“We have been exhibiting at Round Top for 10 years or so. Amazing how time flies by! Round Top is truly a magical place. It’s a beautiful setting in the country – the green trees, pastures, blue skies, fresh air, wonderful historical architecture and night skies full of stars. Most of all, what makes Round Top special is the people you meet – colleagues or clients – we are all there enjoying a shared passion – antiques! We have made many true friends there.”
Provenance Antiques is proud to call Market Hill home. 


“Market Hill, simply put, is an exhibitor’s dream come true. Paul Michael and his family have put in tremendous thought and effort in creating Market Hill – not only for the exhibitors, but for the clients as well. They have succeeded in creating an environment that allows exhibitors to more easily and more safely set up their showrooms and that gives clients a place to comfortably shop (indoors in air conditioning!). Market Hill presents an eclectic variety of antiques and furnishings – with an outstanding group of professional vendors offering the very best in each category. All in all, it is a very entertaining experience.”
As for a sneak peek into what they are bringing for the spring show, Melissa is eager to share. 
“With all of our pieces, each must have a special quality, an exceptional characteristic distinguishing that piece. A few examples would be: a 15th century life-size statue of Jesus Christ in polychrome wood found in Spain; an 18th century Flemish commode in ebonized wood - very elegant lines and ever so chic; a sensational 17th century leather clad marriage trunk with bronze


nail heads and hardware; a whimsical pair of later-19th century painted commodes from Spain; a primitive painted enfilade from Provence; a very rare early 18th century round/drop leaf dining table from Lombardi, Italy – the patina! For us, so many of these pieces truly have a soul. We believe others will appreciate their beauty and integrity as well.” 

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