Lanny’s Antiques


Round Top veterans Lanny and Lonnie Lenzen began coming to Round Top 25 years ago.

“We heard so much about it from friends in the business. We had to see for ourselves what all the talk was about. Long story short, we went and we loved it. The following year, we were vendors out in the fields selling (and, of course) buying merchandise,” says Lanny.

Based in Red Oak, Texas, Lanny’s Antiques is known for farmhouse relics and folk art. And even after all these year, Lanny and Lonnie still get excited by the thrill of the find.

“The hunt of finding pieces that speak to me and bringing the pieces to the show for my customers. I love when customers come back and show me what they have done with a piece they purchased previously. I just love that connection,” Lanny says.

For the spring show at Market Hill, Lanny is bringing a fabulous collection of folk art windmill weights. Folk art windmill weights, also known as counterbalance windmill weights, were produced for the use on windmills from the late 1800s to the early 1920s. A few of the companies that produced the weights were Elgin, Dempster, Fairbury, Eclipse and more. A few of the popular cast-iron motifs were roosters, horses, bulls and letters. The weights were painted black, red, green and blue, depending on the manufacturer. These large weights have become part of the nation’s folk art heritage.

This is just part of what makes Market Hill special to Lanny, “You have great vendors who bring one-of-a-kind merchandise from all over the world. Plus, the Market Hill venue has the best amenities restrooms, food, entertainment, air conditioning, parking and on site shipping – all a person could want under one roof!”

Come meet Lanny and Lonnie, and see their windmill weights and other important farmhouse relics and pieces of folk art.