Architectural Anarchy

Photos courtesy of Architectural Anarchy

Photos courtesy of Architectural Anarchy

Newcomers to Market Hill, Architectural Anarchy will bring an interesting mix of midcentury modern finds, folk art, industrial and architectural pieces and an assortment of old signage to the spring show.

“The upcoming spring show will be our first show at Market Hill. We came in for the first time to see it last fall. We love the location, the showrooms, the beautiful collection of unique merchandise,” says co-owner Gosia Korsakowski.

Based in Chicago, she and partner William Rawski operate a 30,000-SF showroom filled with a remarkable collection of antiques from the U.S. and Western Europe.

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Both veterans in the industry, Bill is best known for signs, art and décor he has amassed for Zap Antiques & Props, the Midwest’s largest prop house. Founded in 1987, Zap has been a part of almost every major production filmed in Chicago. It also offers interior design for retail and restaurant spaces and functions as a design studio and print shop.

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Gosia has been long admired for her vintage home accessories. Growing up in Poland, Gosia spent summers traveling, experiencing different cultures and shopping at various antique stores and flea markets. She says it was always in her nature to be entrepreneurial. In college, she and a friend opened an art gallery and sold art work made by fellow students. She then worked in the fashion industry before getting married and moving to the States. She began collecting and selling glassware and, by 2007, eventually making glassware of her own designs.

It was in 2010 that she and Bill went into business together, opening up their warehouse in Chicago, allowing people to shop from their treasure trove of vintage and antique findings from around the world.

Now they’ll open it up to shoppers at Market Hill.

“It’s an eclectic mix. There’s variety in our inventory. We are looking forward to introducing our business in Texas and meeting new people.”

Be sure to give them a big Texas welcome.