Leftovers Antiques


Traveling the world, finding fine and unique antiques, getting to bring an extensive array of gift items and home accessories to a 17,000-SF store for the residents of Texas and beyond, sounds like an epic adventure or like a wonderful dream.

Ed Fulkerson and Michael Breddin, owners of Leftovers Antiques, just west of Brenham, Texas, made their dream a reality in 2003, and haven’t looked back since. They have been coming to Round Top For over 25 years.

“Every day is an adventure when we are traveling. We love to explore the back roads of Europe, hunting for whatever might catch our fancy,” Michael says. “It is the thrill of the chase. And we get to experience that all of the time.”


“It’s what we love to do!” Ed says, “and to be able to share our passion for things –  “leftovers from prior generations” – with others, makes it all the more special.”

They have been preparing for the fall Round Top show since March of this year. They have been hard at work filling six containers to the top with treasures from all over Europe. Not only do they have to find homes for the pieces they discover, they have to find places for them first! Ed, Michael and their Leftovers crew have filled their warehouses, two storage buildings, and their Market Hill venue to overflowing capacity. While they are working long hours, sometimes 10-hour days in the Texas heat, they have great attitudes and senses of humor.


One of their fabulous finds this year is a collection of European copper pieces; mainly English and French 19th century from manor homes and estates. In fact, some of the pieces still have the estate markings on them. Many of the copper pieces have dovetail construction making it early to mid 19th century.

“Copper can lend a space warmth and depth, can make it feel modern or Old World. Either way you lean, copper can bring in the classic metal elements to a room. This collection is full of  great statement pieces, ” says Michael.

“I love the way you can display it, hang it, or even still use the copper,” says Ed.


But Ed and Michael don’t stop at antiques, their store is an enchanting, down-the-rabbit-hole vision of old and new. Their bedding collection is a luxurious example of this vision. It features graceful prints, fresh florals, and bold colors that you will gravitate toward. They can help you transform your bedroom into the ultimate retreat, making it comfortable, inspirational and personal.

It is the passion for things old and interesting that keeps bringing customers back to Leftovers Antiques time and time again. Leftovers is an antiques lover’s paradise packed with irresistible treasures and one-of-a-kind finds. At Leftovers Antiques they offer an unexpected and intriguing shopping experience in a store with an unwavering personality, much like the two men who bring the interest and grandeur of European antiques to Texas.