For the Love of Vintage - A conversation with designer Claire Zinnecker

Photo by Ali Burgoon

Photo by Ali Burgoon

Austin-based designer Claire Zinnecker wears many hats, working with clients on residential and commercial projects for Claire Zinnecker Design.

Her work has brought her to Round Top for years, sourcing one-of-a-kind finds.

What matters most to Claire isn’t necessarily what you’re looking for (although she can help with that), but why you’re looking.

“It’s the idea that we don’t need to buy things from big box stores. It’s a nod to these pieces that have stood the test of time. When you think about the history, the stories of the pieces, of the vendors, there’s so much magic that goes into the finding,” she says.

“That’s why I love Round Top.”     

Claire has written for Domino, among other magazines, chronicling her experiences, including a recent dinner she planned and cohosted at Rancho Pillow.

She will return to Round Top in the spring to shop for a pop-up she is planning, March 30-31, in Austin. For these events, she curates vintage pieces, home décor and clothing to create experiences that connect you to the objects.  

Photo by Ali Burgoon

Photo by Ali Burgoon

One of the places she shops for these finds is Market Hill.

“If it’s your first time in Round Top, you need to go to Market Hill. It’s so well curated with the perfect vignettes; everything is impeccably placed. It allows someone who’s not an everyday vintage goer to see how it’s styled.”

In a similar way, she brings this vision to her events and into her spaces. Whether it’s clients’ homes, businesses or workplaces, she styles them in a way that truly showcases an important piece, a piece of history, that might otherwise be overlooked.

“It’s about bringing awareness to how important and worthwhile vintage shopping is. It’s about respecting craftsmanship. It’s about being thoughtful in your decisions.”

For more info on the upcoming Austin pop-up, follow Claire on Instagram @clairezinnecker.