The Restaurant at Market Hill

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When it comes to the amenities at Market Hill, the restaurant is a big one. Not only because of the fresh, home-cooked food that comes from Chef Preston Higgins’ kitchen but also because it brings people in from the fields and around the table. It is here that people can truly connect, sharing stories about their day over a meal and a beer or a glass of wine.

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If you know Paul Michael, he loves bringing people together and feeding them. His pig roasts are now tradition at Market Hill. People gather round in anticipation, to watch, to learn and to wait until dinner is served. This spring, Paul will host two pig roasts, March 23 and 30. In addition to these signature events, Chef is cooking up a few special dinners as well, including prime rib and shrimp, March 22 and 29; Mediterranean night on March 28; and Mexican Monday on April 1.

Open daily for lunch and dinner service, the restaurant offers healthy, delicious meals, including hand-pressed burgers, marinated chicken breast, Paul’s pulled pork, wraps, bean medley, oven fries, marinated salad, dressed greens and coleslaw.

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Everything is prepared fresh and in-house. The meats and vegetables are grilled, roasted or smoked; there is no fryer. When you walk up to the counter and go down the line, making your selections, you’ll see Chef in the kitchen with a smile on his face, likely pulling out a batch of his oven fries. After you make a plate, you simply move down to the cashier where you can choose from a variety of beer and wine options as well as homemade desserts. Then you find a table. Long tables are meant to be experienced family-style where you can sit down, rest, relax and enjoy good food and conversation.

For those who are short on time, Chef shares something new for spring, what he calls “Market Fresh” meals to-go: variations of fruits, nuts and cheeses, green salads, fruit salads and wraps. These will be easy to-go options for shoppers and vendors.  

 It really adds to the Market Hill experience to be welcomed in from the elements, to be treated like family, to be invited to the table, to be served a home-cooked meal and Southern hospitality and to do it again the next day. Market Hill is more than a shopping destination. It’s your home away from home in Round Top.