The Elephant Walk

Photography by Natalie Lacy Lange

Photography by Natalie Lacy Lange

The man behind The Elephant Walk, Ender Tasci, started his business 30 years ago in Orlando, Florida, and has been coming to Round Top for the last 25 years. Three years ago, he moved his business to Market Hill and he now buys in Europe and Florida for the spring and fall shows.

“I am very eclectic and love color and texture,” Ender says. “My favorite style is a great mix of old and new working harmoniously together, because I believe things can be wonderful whether they are a day old or 400 years old; age doesn't define quality.”


Working for so many years in the industry, Ender continues to find inspiration all around him.

“My inspiration comes from my trips and literature, sometimes it’s the color of a pillow or the leg of a table; sometimes simple rusty feed or oil barrels can be the inspiration for the next custom creation,” he says. “l am extremely happy about the changing trends toward modern and simple beauty with textures and color but yet very fluid simple shapes.”

 “We are in an industry selling beauty and dictating the trends of the future. We deal with very creative and affluent people who take what we saw in a piece and create their own magic. It's all about the passion we have for the industry that defines how successful we are. It’s all about the relatability. People need to be able to see your point of view, and it needs to be current,” he says.

Ender is excited about the pieces he’s showing at Market Hill this spring, especially some new modern lighting and mid-century modern upholstered pieces, but he says he’s most looking forward to seeing familiar faces.

“My favorite parts [of the show] are reuniting with old clients who have turned into lifelong friends, and meeting new ones. It’s those interactions that keep us motivated to do better and work harder to bring in the best products we possibly can,” he says.

“Market Hill has some of the industry’s best dealers under one roof. That keeps everyone inspired and motivated to do better which easily reflects on the best sales in the marketplace. With the infrastructure Market Hill provides, we are able to display our products at their best.”

Come see the best of the best at The Elephant Walk at Market Hill.