The Elephant Walk 

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Ender Tasci is the man behind The Elephant Walk. 
Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, he came to America 30 years ago to get his Ph.D. in international business. He also has degrees in economics, finance, human resources and restoration, which relates to materials, textiles, woodworking, metal work and construction. 
When he was asked to furnish an employer’s home, he went to Europe with the couple to bring back antiques and special pieces. Within eight months after his work for them, he had four new clients. This was the beginning of his business. 
“My passion comes from within,” Ender says. “You have to love what you do, and it has to be within your capabilities. Being an antiques dealer isn't for everyone; it requires massive amounts of knowledge and conviction to relay that message to someone else to create a demand for an item that is not a necessity.” 
“There is a difference between looking and seeing. l follow trends and news very closely. Antiques and home decor are just like fashion, they change constantly. Being able to see which way the trends are going is a secret to success in any business.” 
As for his personal style and eye, he says, “l love scale, texture, color and, most of all, drama. If the item you are selling is not serving those four purposes, it certainly isn't worth selling. I have been looking for pieces with very clean lines for the last couple of years, simple shapes with great color and texture in the right scale is the magical combo.”

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Until recently Ender’s home was in central Florida where he lived with his wife and children, maintaining a farm – raising sheep, chickens, peacocks and emus – and managing his permanent showroom in Orlando, The Elephant Walk Interiors and Antiques. Last year, he sold the space to relocate to Round Top, specifically, to a ranch where he will do some farming and do the Antiques Fair twice a year.  
      “We have 20 years of great experiences with educated, loyal clients that love what we bring to them,” Ender says. 
    “I believed in Paul’s concept of bringing comfort to the Round Top experience. Our venue provides an incredible amount of the most reputable dealers with an exceptional selection of merchandise. Our climate-controlled showrooms, food and all the other amenities make it a refuge for so many people visiting Round Top.”

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The pieces Ender is most excited to show this spring include “an old French linen press with great color and texture, a simple silhouette at nine feet tall gives us all the drama any room could ask for. It has the coolest interior with pigeon hole shelves and paper labels for the maid to place the items in the proper hole. Next is an 18th century Madonna life-size, carved with great patina and Lady of the Lourdes with roses carved under her feet, a great statue.”
    He also has something new to show, “I love glass, and I have been collaborating with a glass studio from Mexico to create modern glass wall installation. I hope to have samples in for the upcoming show.” 

Ender is definitely someone you will want to meet at Market Hill. For more, visit