The Market Hill Experience 

Photo by Ashlee Nobel

Photo by Ashlee Nobel

Arriving at Round Top can be quite the spectacle. Observing the scene from the car window, rows upon rows of big white tents line the highway and extend out into the fields almost as far as the eye can see. Thousands of people walk along the highway and through the fields on foot, traipsing through this antique carnival. For first-timers or relative newcomers, it’s hard to know where to start or what to do. But for those who do know, there’s one place to go – Market Hill. Free parking, A/C, clean bathrooms, free WiFi, food and drink and, of course, some of the very best vendors in Round Top are just some of the reasons why.  

Entering through the Paul Michael Company showroom, which takes up 11,000-SF of the space, it’s beautiful inside. Original art, agate-topped tables, large cowhides, brightly colored sofas, and plush pillows are some of the things that catch your eye. The remainder of the 130,000-SF is mostly dedicated to vendors. Each room is well appointed and staged with the best lighting, antiques, accessories, rugs, and art you’ve ever seen in one place. 

The Restaurant at Market Hill is open for lunch and dinner. Chef Preston Higgins prepares everything fresh daily, serving warm, home-cooked meals from the state-of-the-art kitchen. 

Market Hill is something shoppers and vendors alike can appreciate. Vendors also appreciate the facility and how it keeps their best merchandise safe from the elements – like a big Texas thunderstorm. 

Photo by Ashlee Nobel

Photo by Ashlee Nobel

“Market Hill is one of the best designed venues in all of Round Top!” says Vikki Vines of Gallery Auctions, a vendor at Market Hill. “It offers complete protection from the elements, allowing dealers to bring the best items and display them beautifully without fear of damage from wind or rain. The showrooms are climate controlled and are interlinked making for very comfortable shopping. As a bonus, the café at Market Hill offers the most consistent and affordable dining options for both dealers and shoppers. Everywhere you look in this venue you can see the love and commitment Paul Michael and this team put into Market Hill!” 

Demir Williford, of Nomadic Trading Company agrees, “For us, Market Hill is

definitely the best place in Round Top to showcase our merchandise. Air-conditioned booths, great restrooms, and a good restaurant are all huge advantages.”

As for what makes the Market Hill experience so unique, Ender Tasci of The Elephant Walk says, “Market Hill is a one big crazy family of dealers and customers passionate about fine living and home decor. It’s the one-stop shopping experience with all the convenience of the facilities and selection of the fabulous merchandise.”

Ender says his favorite part of the experience is “catching up with old friends and clients, sharing our experiences and finds, and incredible dinners every night with some of the most interesting people at each and every table.”

Market Hill is open daily and offers lunch and dinner service at the restaurant. There is live music most nights. Paul also hosts pig roasts during the show. For Paul, it’s about bringing people together, feeding them, entertaining them, and showing them genuine hospitality. No matter who you are or where you are from, you are offered a seat at the table. You are treated like family. That is the Market Hill experience. 

Location and contact info:

1542 Highway 237

Round Top, TX 78954



Open daily 

9 a.m.-9 p.m.

September 19-October 6