Nomadic Trading Company

Photos courtesy of Nomadic Trading

Photos courtesy of Nomadic Trading

Based in Durham, North Carolina, Nomadic Trading Company has been in business since 1995, selling handpicked home décor items from all over the world.

“We are importers of vintage furniture, accessories and hand-woven rugs,” says Demir Williford.

Over the years, Nomadic Trading Company has grown the business to include its own line of products.

“We have become more refined in our search of vintage furniture, specifically from France. We are also producing our own line of handmade rugs and pillows.”

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On the recommendation of a colleague, they started coming to Round Top in 2009.

“Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? The discovery of something new,” Demir says. “Our recent container from France is full of amazing vintage furniture, and definitely one of the most exciting things we are bring to the spring show.”

Their set-up at Market Hill is quite impressive with large rugs covering the walls and stacked in piles upon piles throughout their vendor space.

“Market Hill has created a wonderful canvas for us to be as creative as we can be.”

About the Market Hill experience, he says, “We love seeing customers coming back and, of course, we love meeting new ones.”

“That’s what keeps us inspired. We stay inspired by having passion for what we do.”

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This kilim was hand woven in a village in western Turkey. It utilizes vintage reclaimed hemp and wool.

Beautiful Spanish oak table from late 19th century.

This rug is our own design hand-woven in Konya, Turkey.

Fabulous collection of benches upholstered with vintage fabrics.

Fantastic collection of antique marble sinks from old bath houses in Turkey.

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