The Select Pick 

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Stacy Graubart says she first learned about a good design before she even learned to walk. 
“My mother would drag me to every antiques store, auction house and design store – even before I was out of diapers. We spent our weekends driving down winding lanes looking for architecturally interesting houses. My mother had extraordinary taste. The finest I have ever known,” she says. 
Stacy grew up in Houston, Texas, graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, then moved to Paris, France, where she studied design. She later studied furniture and antiquities at Sotheby’s London. 
She began her design career working in the costume design industry for film and television, which culminated with an Emmy Award nomination. Midway through her design career, Stacy turned to her real love of interior design. 
After working for Arlene Semel & Associates, a Chicago-based interior design firm, she formed SG Designs. 
For 15 years, Stacy has concentrated on high-end residential design and renovation. SG Designs specializes in designing livable homes, not masterpieces. Stacy loves the process of getting to know her clients, creating and catering to their specific needs. 
“I believe your home is the passport of your life. There is no invitation like being invited into someone’s home.”    
Stacy began coming to Round Top more than 20 years ago, first as a collector and now as a vendor and buyer for her clients. 
    “Round Top has only gotten bigger and better over the years. It is a great destination with limitless buying power. There is nothing I enjoy more than the thrill of the hunt. It’s a lot of work, but the inspiration and passion are always there. It’s quite addictive.” 
    The Select Pick is a new vendor to Market Hill, but Stacy has enjoyed shopping at Market Hill since it opened. 
“It is a unique shopping experience with a large selection of quality vendors all under one roof. There is no problem with wind, rain or the hot Texas sun. It’s the easiest way to shop Round Top.” 
    When asked for a preview of what she’s bringing to Market Hill, she says, “We buy what we love and hope others love it too. The pieces range from one-of-a-kind finds for the everyday shopper and rare antiques for the seasoned collector.”  

Featured Find
We are especially excited to include Tribute Good Fine Linens rare and collectible vintage Hermès silk scarf pillows curated from dealers all over the world. These unique designs are made from the entire vintage scarf in pristine condition and include concealed zippers and goose down inserts. (Photo credit: Julie Soefer) 

Two Round Top properties designed by SG Designs will soon appear in Country Living and Modern Farmhouse magazines. To see more, visit