Antica Collection 


Texas native Lisa Strait Vanpoucke has been coming to Round Top since 2002. 
“I like the fact that we are able to reach so many people in a short period of time and bring them home a little piece of history,” she says.
Having been a collector herself for the past 20 years, Lisa’s passion for rare and desirable objects has taken her all over the world, to France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
“I find inspiration in the history and culture of faraway lands, in architecture and in great design from all periods,” Lisa says.  
 “My creative process is simple. I buy what I love. If I wouldn’t put it in my own home, I usually skip over it. For me, quality is a must, along with great design.” 
Lisa met her late husband Eric in the business and she credits him for turning her love of collecting into a way of life. He is also the inspiration for her new line of signature candles.   
“I created the line as a love story. Released this month, “Who’s My Love,” is a gold candle, very sexy and feminine, and its counterpart “C’est Toi,” is silver, which is more masculine. It’s very personal to me. My late husband Eric who was French would ask me the question, in English, ‘Who’s my love?’ I would always respond with the question, ‘Me?’ And he would answer back in French, “C’est toi” (“It’s you!”). I’ve always been attracted to scent and the memories it evokes. For me, a beautiful scent goes hand-in-hand with a beautiful experience as well as a beautiful home.” 
 The addition of a home fragrance collection is part of Lisa’s desire to push herself creatively. 
“I’m always evolving and trying to be as cutting edge as possible. The longer I’m in the business the more simplified I’m becoming, but my passion is continual as I never tire of beautifully hand-crafted things,” Lisa says. “My purpose is to extend that passion into my clients’ home decor and encourage a life well lived.” 


“I love the relationships I have with clients and with others in the business that most would consider competitors, but they become your friends too, because you have this common denominator you can share things with, and they, like you, become excited about what they can buy, and it’s fun.”  
“As a vendor at Market Hill, Paul and his family treat us like one of their own.” For the customer, they have what it takes to make everyone feel at home, including good food, wine and a relaxed atmosphere,” she says. 


Lisa shares just a few details about the special pieces she’s bringing to Market Hill on this trip. 
“I’m most excited about an 18th century Rococo cabinet I found from Sweden. It’s untouched and pure in every way. The paint is gorgeous and so is the wavy glass. It looks like a ballerina in furniture, graceful in every way.” 
There is also an incredible walnut Italian table, also from the 18th century, with one single board for the top and an original iron stretcher. At the joining of the top to the legs is a carved shell motif. “It’s perfect for a large desk – and what patina!” she adds excitedly. 
She won’t include a photography of it here, as she doesn’t want to spoil the surprise, so you’ll have to come see it for yourself – and meet Lisa – at Market Hill. 

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