Making the Rounds at Round Top 


My life has been somewhat of a treasure hunt. At a young age, I took off to design school in New York. I would frequent the Upper East Side and West Side consignment shops during the week and comb the 26th Street Flea Market on Saturday mornings. After acquiring a proper education and amassing quite the collection, I moved back down South to open my shop and interior design business, Shabby Slips.

Whether it be in New York, Paris, Atlanta or Round Top, my favorite place to be is a flea market. Here in Round Top, folks have organized one of the best places in the world to go on that elusive treasure hunt. The Round Top Antique Show started 50 years ago in The Big Red Barn, and the show is still alive and thriving today – and what an antique metropolis this tiny Texas town has become! It brings in people from all over this country and as far as Europe.

Since the beginning, many shows have been added to the lineup, The Marburger Farm Show, the Arbor Show and Warrenton to name a few, with the newest being the Market Hill Show. Market Hill brought a more permanent presence to Round Top making it easier for dealers and buyers to shop in good lighting, climate-controlled environment (air-conditioning is much needed!) and a great restaurant to meet a friend for a glass of wine after the shows. 

At Market Hill, dealers have a home, for years to come, making it an annual go-to event in the spring and fall for me. I arrive early and stay late. There is a huge variety of things to buy. I shop for design projects I am currently working on, or pick up store fillers. You name it; it's there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional like me, or just looking for that one small treasure, you are bound to find it and more. I hope this year will be another stellar one, after all, Paris is a much longer trip. See you in the fields! 

Renea’s Picks  
The important faces and places at Round Top    

Mark Massey of The Compound, Henkel Square and Rummel Square
Curtis Ann Davis, The Arbor
Armando Palacios… he is around somewhere... 
Marburger Farms – the best two Tuesdays of the year!
Mark Dooley of Excess, both sides of Hwy. 237
Warrenton (old timers) and Vincent Peach Pearls
Paul Michael of Market Hill, the Neiman Marcus of Round Top!

Renea Abbott and her mom, Barbara Carlton, started Shabby Slips in 1991 as a custom slipcover shop. Over the years, they have grown their Houston-based interior design business and have continued to travel, collect, purchase and import high-quality antiques and products from all over the world. Learn more at