Vincent Peach

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Photos courtesy of Vincent Peach

Photos courtesy of Vincent Peach

Jewelry designer and maker, Vincent Peach comes from a long line of “pearl” men. His upbringing may have set him on this path, but his creativity took him in a direction all his own. What makes his signature pieces so intriguing is the use of radiant rare pearls, brilliant diamonds, precious metals and exotic leathers expertly put together in a wearable way. The interplay of old and new, masculine and feminine, dazzling diamonds and durable leather, it all works beautifully. One of Vincent’s personal favorites (or “top picks”) is the Montana Double Wrap in 14 karat gold with Tahitian pearl and premium quality bovine leather. 
A native and current resident of Nashville, Tennessee, Vincent’s downtown studio is attached to the namesake Vincent Peach Boutique in Marathon Village. The inspiration for his collections comes from “life’s leisures and the romance of luxury travel.” 
His designs have been seen on celebrity clients from Miranda Lambert to Alice Cooper to Oprah Winfrey, which speaks to the range of styles he produces, but he wants everybody who wears his pieces to feel amazing, no matter who they are. 
Round Top presents a rare chance to meet the designer himself. Vincent always brings new pieces to the show. He says Round Top holds a special place in his heart, and that he considers it his happy place. 

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